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Vision Research Lab

Our current research focus is on:

(a) Integration of human and contextual information in analyzing images and video, leading to bio-inspired methods for computer vision

(b) Large scale camera networks and associated "big-data" information processing tasks

(c) Bio-medical image informatics and brain connectomics.

In addition, we continue work on fundamental problems of segmentation, registration and tracking, and large scale image/video indexing and search, with emphasis on developing robust and scalable methods.

The BisQue image informatics infrastructure, developed by the VRL group and the Center for Bio-Image Informatics /Center for Multimodal Bigdata Science and Healthcare is now available as a core service in the CyVerse cyber-infrastructure. BisQue is currently being used in many major laboratories around the world and we are in the process of adding image feature services and indexing services to facilitate large scale image data management. BisQue's new release will also integrate deep learning into the image feature extraction and recognition workflow.


Open source software tools for Image analysis and machine learning.